Melissa Lanning, better known Missy Lanning, is a vlogger born in Southern California. She has moved many times.



She is a sweet and loving mother and tries her best to make her two sons happy. 


She has brown hair and blue eyes. She has fair skin. In the older vlogs, she has blonde hair, which seems to go darker over the years (or it's dye). 


Her parents seem to not have their names revealed, but their family calls her mother Mimi and her father Papa. Missy also has two siblings—Jimmy and Cassie. Missy's husband is Bryan Lanning. Missy gave birth to two boys, Oliver James Lanning and Finley Jay Lanning. She has mentioned in the "Draw Our Relationship" video that she originally had a baby and went to the UltraSound, but suddenly the heartbeat stopped. She had named that baby Gabriel. Before Finley was born, she wanted a daughter.


  • She was born on October 27th, 1989. 
  • Her favourite colour is blue, the colour of her eyes.
  • Her brother Jimmy was born when she was 2 years of age.
  • Cassie (her sister), was born when she was 7 years old. 
  • Missy's full first name was revealed at a vlog where one of her sons was born.
  • The ending of her siblings' names seem to end with an -ee sound, which is probably why her nickname is Missy.