"Good morning, guys!"
— Bryan in most of his vlogs

Bryan Lanning is a vlogger and is married to Missy Lanning. He is the father of Oliver Lanning and Finley Lanning. 



He is kind and like his wife, he tries to make his sons happy. 


He has brown hair and facial hair. 



Bryan has an unnamed mother, grandmother, father, and stepfather. He never knew who his father was until one day he met him in a vlog. He had a stepfather who was always drunk, and the stepfather has always abused him, causing him to run away from home. He also had an older sister named Bev. After a long while, he met Missy Lanning, and their friendship grew stronger. They formed a relationship. They got a cat named Claire Bear, but Missy's parents didn't approve. Eventually they married in August 8th, 2008. They got married on that date, since, the number 8 turned around is the infinity sign and they hoped to be married forever. But due to the lack of seeing each other, they divorced. They decided to remarry. They lived in Idaho and decided to move back to Southern California. He originally had a son named Gabriel, but he passed away when Missy was at the UltraSound. They had another son named Oliver. Luckily he didn't pass away. They then had another baby named Finley. 


When Bryan and Missy were friends, they had a cat named Claire Bear. Unfortunately, Missy's parents didn't approve. Missy then got Karma when they were separated. 


  • He was born on January 20th, 1990. 
  • His favourite colour is green.
  • Bryan's favourite ice cream is Mint Chocolate Chip.
  • He was bullied in high school.
  • Because Missy was in a Christian School, Bryan decided to be in a Christian School as well.